First of all, I’m so happy to be your wedding photographer and I can’t wait to be with you guys celebrating your day!
However, in light of the recent developments around Coronavirus, many of you are probably going through a stressful time while planning your big day. This is such a new situation for all of us and you’ll probably be worried about your wedding plans and the well being of your family and friends, so I’d like to address and hopefully alleviate some of your concerns about photography.

Over the last months, I’ve been researching and discussing within the industry to determine a policy that is fair as best business practice in this situation.
These are extremely hard times for all of us and I'll do my best to be as accomodating as possible while navigating with situation with you guys.
If there's no quarantine, but there are still cases, Will you still photograph our wedding?

If your date is outside lockdown, there is not a local quarantine and the venue doesn’t cancel, I’m committed to moving forward with the wedding as originally planned. Of course, I’m paying attention to the news and I’m complying with all health and safety standards. I’ll be wearing a face mask and wash my hands more often to protect myself, you, your guests and my future couples and guests.
What should we do if COVID-19 is affecting our wedding?
Should you need to reschedule, postpone, or cancel your wedding, your first point of call should be your wedding insurance in case you have it. If you’re planning your wedding for 2021, I strongly recommend investing in peace of mind and taking out insurance.
This way, they should be able to talk you through a position that is specific to your policy if the authorities declare a lockdown, or if the wedding has to be postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. They will also let you know your next steps, which will help when you chat with us and your other vendors.
What if you are positive for Covid-19?
Since the pandemic started, I’ve been taking Covid-19 very seriously. I’m committed to both your health and mine, and if I catch Coronavirus or I have any flu-like symptoms at the time of your wedding, I will not put you and your guests at risk. I will however work with my network of wedding photographers and do my best to find a healthy substitute.
What if one of us is positive for Covid-19?
Finger crossed this won’t happen, but if it does, I do ask you to let me know in case one of you presents symptoms of COVID-19. Should this be the case, I strongly recommend canceling your event to reduce the spread of the virus to your guests and vendors. As your photographer, I spend a lot of time with you and we come in very close contact all day. Again, if this happens, your wedding insurance will hopefully cover you. It’s worth checking with them now what would happen in this case.
If the local authorities prohibit the wedding from taking place and you need to postpone it, I’m committed to work with you to reschedule to a new mutually-agreeable date within a year from the original wedding date.

I’m not charging any rescheduling fee for weddings that will be postponed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but I’m asking my clients to keep me up to date for rescheduling and work with me so can we can hopefully find a date that works for us all and move the deposit to a new date.
In case you have to cancel your wedding, I recommend moving it to another available date within a year from the original event at no extra cost for you.

I receive a non-refundable deposit upon booking the wedding, and in case of cancellation, your wedding insurance will hopefully cover it.

When I save a date for a couple, I have to turn down other opportunities and make investments such as meetings, emails, trainings, gear and administrative work. In these challenging times, small businesses are pushed to their limits both financially and emotionally and I’m doing my best to be helpful for my clients and take care of my business at the same time. I’m aware that cancellation will negatively affect both of us, so I encourage couples to reschedule instead of cancelling. As uncomfortable as that was to write, I think it’s important to know where we stand and so that you can communicate it to your wedding insurance should you need to.
What can we do with our deposit if we have to cancel the wedding?
If the event is canceled or rescheduled, whether as a result of government recommendation, third party choice (venue, etc) or personal choice, the deposit can’t be refunded.

However, in case you have to cancel the wedding and you’re not able to reschedule, you can use the deposit for another photo session such as an elopement or a couple shoot in Barcelona.
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