Same Sex elopement in Barcelona - Martina Zancan
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Lukas and Mitch


Same-sex elopement in Barcelona: a chic, intimate wedding for two
The sun was waiting to rise over the ancient urban jungle of Barcelona. A blue, pink, and red breeze was filling the air, falling over the rooftops and caressing the old Bunkers, while I was imagining a freezing dawn spent on top of the hills during the most recent war. A man was busy with his daily workout routine. Whenever I climbed these rocks, I felt the eternal, deep beauty of this city, the perfect moody and magical backdrop for an intimate celebration.
In the nostalgic, blush-hued atmosphere recalling the misery of war, that day we celebrated the private victory of a quite, romantic elopement. Lukas and Mitch sat on the terrace and took a peaceful look at each other. They looked, hugged, held in the old-fashioned way of a quite, delicate romance.
These gentlemen chose Barcelona as the scenery for their intimate vows as they wished to celebrate a wedding for two in one of the most romantic cities in Europe. The day started with a sweet stroll away from the crowd and continued as the two grooms explored the moody atmosphere of Gothic neighborhood.
I took the grooms to my most favorite spots in Barcelona while the magical light of Plaza del Rey, the blue door of the Cathedral, the old walls of Plaza Sant Felip Neri were turning into a silent, beautiful backdrop and gazed at their romantic walk in some deep, soulful moments.
After this private photo session in Gothic discovering the most charming streets of Barcelona, we stopped at Satan’s coffee corner for a cozy, delicious breakfast. While the high-quality roasts were filling the air and the warm, tasty street food tempted their souls, Lukas and Mitch enjoyed a small brunch in this paradise for coffee lovers, one of the best cafés in Barcelona.
Listed as one of the best places to visit in Barcelona, unique location for destination weddings, elopements, holiday shoots and vacation photography, in the last years Park Guell has turned into a more and more touristy destination. We still wanted to include it in the photo shoot and preserve its charming, colorful and original atmosphere. Before the sunset vows on the beach, the two grooms walked around the park for a elegant portrait session surrounded by arches and columns, nature, trees.
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The cheerful waves, some shy little clouds and the blue water were the gentle crowd of bridesmaids and groomsmen Mitch and Lukas chose for their heartwarming small wedding for two. They tied the knot with the most meaningful, simple ceremony.
The intimacy of this small, private and precious elopement reached its highest peak with the waterfront wedding vows. It felt like the wind and the sea gathered together to give their thoughts and emotions a shelter, in a joyful act of protection and celebration. I couldn’t hear a single word, as their vows were covered by the sound of the waves.
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